Current Exhibits/Artists

The artwork of Molly Noem Fulton will be displayed in Main Gallery July 16 to end of June 2018.
Artist Statement
South Dakota girl raised in the pines, at home on the prairie.
My work as an artist gathers around the central idea that we all know darkness.  Still, we are fundamentally made to see and be light. This sometimes takes the form of expressionist mark makings, and sometimes appears in bright movements of color. The work itself sometimes remains abstract, yet often brings form and landscape to the surface. When realism enters my work, it does so most easily and often in two things I know best: the land of South Dakota and the mountains I dream about.  When I'm best balanced toward light, my work is my play and my best self.  And it strives to embrace a holy space for broken to move toward light. 

"Vice before Grace"


Faithe Gallery

Ashley Plummer is featured in the Faithe Gallery until the end of August 2018. Ashley Plummer grew up in Sioux Falls, SD, and later studied art education at South Dakota State University.  She currently lives in Humboldt, IA where she teaches middle school art. Her personal experiences in life as well as those around her, such as family, friends, and students are behind most of her works inspiration.  Overall, her idea is to translate feelings of doubt, depression, lack of self confidence, and other struggles that we all may go through, but often hide from others for fear of not being accepted for who we really are.

View past artist's images that were exhibited in the Museum of Visual Materials in our virtual gallery.

Future Artists

Main Gallery Faithe Gallery
2018     2018  
July- August          Molly Fulton      July- August     Ashley Plummer
Sept.-Oct.   Dustin Sinner Sept.-Oct. Marcee Ekstrum
Nov. - Dec.   Joshua Sweets Nov. - Dec.

Noah Fisher 

2019     2019  
Jan.  - Feb.   Jack Paladino Jan.  - Feb.  
March- April     March- April Sam Babcock & Adam Beilke    
May - June        
July- August   Joe Schaeffer    

If you are interested in showing your work at the Museum of Visual Material’s gallery please email Anna.

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